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Devils Gate Gang, Morgan UTah

Noah Cash

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Many of you fine folks have heard about the new club starting up in Morgan UT., so for a follow up, this past weekend was the county fair.  What a great time we had promoting  the club to the town-folk.  The fair organizers were gracious enough to give us some prime real estate at no charge right on vendors row.  We had a good turnout of cowboys and cowgirls on both days all costumed up and looking the part.  Friday the public turnout was good but Saturday we had crowds around the tables pretty much all day!  Morgan is a small town in a rural county that is very gun friendly so our lay out of cowboy guns and gear attracted a lot of attention and conversation. On Saturday we had a mannequin with a Beautiful gown hand crafted by our own Sweet Trouble.  That drew many ladies who showed interest in the costuming part of our game.  We had many interested people stop for conversations and the prospects for this new club are looking good.  

devils gate gang morgan fair.htm

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