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Unique Revolvers are Sold


Pictured below are a pair of Uberti Cattleman Flattops.  I purchased these guns from Bill English (Happy Trails) about 3 years ago.  My health is keeping me from shooting as much as I would like so these guns are now for sale. The guns are like new and chambered in 44-40 , have 71/2" barrels, and have as smooth an action as you will find on any gun in SASS. I have the original boxes for these as well.  Bill told me he looked for a pair of these guns for a long time.  He found one with a 7 1/2" barrel but could never find another.  Finally he order a barrel through VTI and converted a 5 1/2" barreled gun to a 7 1/2" barrel.  One of the boxes is for the original donor gun that built the second of a pair of 7 1/2" 44-40's.  Since Bill went to all this trouble to get this pair of guns I doubt there is another pair in existence.  Beautiful guns, extremely rare and action job by one of the finest gunsmith ever in SASS.  Now the rest of the story!


You see in the pictures that the guns are fitted with a set of oversized target grips much like the original guns had years ago.  Well those grips were made for Happy Trails by SASS legend

Longshot Logan!  Now this name goes back several years and is attached to one of the finest men, superb craftsman with a strange but wonderful sense of humor ever to wear a SASS Badge.  These grips have also been finely checkered.  I don't remember the ladies name but she did all the checkering for Kimber Guns when they first opened in Oregon.  The original grips also come with the guns. You can see them in the pictures.


So what would you pay for a pair of revolvers built by Happy Trails with his action work.  Special grips by a iconic SASS wood worker Long Shot long and checkered by a professional grip carver?  Well that you will have to decide for yourself, but I believe they are worth $1150.00 shipped to your FFL.  Make sure they will receive from a non-FFL.  Questions by PM but if you want the guns you must state so here on this post.


Sure would like to sell these beautiful guns.  Some one who likes them should contact me.


Thank you,





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Coming from Rhode Island, I have been privileged to know Bill English (Happy Trails) for many years, and consider him to be a true craftsman. Just ask anyone who has been fortunate enough to have guns he worked. Few others come close.

I have also been very fortunate to know Longshot Logan. He was a true gentleman and quite a character, as well as a very skilled wood worker. He brought a smile to those around him.

Their work, as with a handful of others, is as good as it gets.

Brett Cantrell

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