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  1. Glad to hear you're still around...miss shooting with you, Wild Bill and all our other pards in the frozen north. Brett & Sage
  2. Hey Buzzard I will take the other set of 32 dies. Thanks Brett Cantrell Sending PM.
  3. OK Blind Eye they're yours....I've got 350 new Starline, and I'll have to get a count on the rest and get back to you. I figure I can get around 1000 in the box. I've got lots more if you want 'em. Thanks pard Brett
  4. Howdy Blind eye Let me know what quantity you're looking for. I've got new unfired Starline brass (I have to dig them out of the shed and get a count, but I know there's several hundred) and lots of fired brass in very good condition, only used smokeless, no black powder. New Starline $.10 cents each, fired brass $.08 cents each, all plus shipping (USPS Priority box, around $16.00). I'll be out most of the day today so I can get back to you later this afternoon. (AZ time). Brett
  5. Paisano...Yes sir, I'll take all of them. Let's pm each other for details.. Varmint Bill...Still interested....pm didn't go through. Please send again. Thanks ...Brett
  6. I know it's a long shot. We have a friend who is getting into cowboy shooting, and she picked up some .32's and is needing some brass...any quantity will help. Thanks pards... Brett & Sage
  7. Thanks guys ... appreciate the info. Brett
  8. I heard a rumor that it's not legal to sell empty brass to a CA resident...True?
  9. Looking for a fair current market price of lightly used Starline brass. Not looking to buy, just want an idea of what they're selling for. Thanks all, Brett Cantrell
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