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Call for action! Request President Trump repeal the UN Gun Ban by signing the NRA petition at the link here.

Charlie T Waite

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The NRA-ILA is asking us to sign the NRA-ILA Petition to the President immediately, I would further ask you to bring this link before the SASS members in your respective states asking them to spread the word to friends and relatives.  The petition only ask for their name, state and zip code 


The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty - better named the Gun Ban Treaty - which was signed and submitted to the U.S. Senate for ratification before Obama left office is still threatening to destroy our Second Amendment rights.   By sending the treaty to the Senate, a future gun-ban majority in be 2 or 10 years can move to ratify it.  The Treaty would establish a permanent international gun control bureaucracy within the U.N. Office for Disarmament Affairs to oversee and influence gun policy in ALL NATIONS.  It requires the U.S. to provide foreign countries and international gun-ban bureaucrats with the most sensitive, personal information about American gun owners and calls for the creation of an international gun registration system.


Our right to Keep and Bear Arms is constitutionally guaranteed, sovereign, and non-negotiable.  President Trump said at the NRA Leadership Forum in Atlanta: "You came through for me and I am going to come through for you."  The President can un-sign the U.N. Gun Ban Treaty and make sure this treaty NEVER threatens our individual Second Amendment rights.  With that in mind, Chris Cox and the NRA-ILA is requesting supporters like us to sign their Petition, and ask the President to follow through on that promise.


Our strength and active involvement will help to end this treaty and preserve our Second Amendment rights.


Ride Tall in the Saddle and Keep your Powder Dry



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I have heard some feedback from a few that they are emailing the link or advising others about the petition.  I want to thank you for your efforts.  Keep up the hard work & feel free to post your efforts on the thread & if I can help you let me know.



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The exerpt below was dredged up also for a call to action from a previous thread.  Still waiting for these issues to be addressed as a reminder that "You came through for me and I am going to come through for you."  will be fulfilled.




In addition, we hope and expect that Trump will overturn Obama's executive actions by doing the following:

  • Withdrawing the U.S. from the UN Arms Trade Treaty and the UN Small Arms Treaty;
  • Overturning the State Department's "Gunsmith Ban";
  • Declaring, by executive action, that "safety-free" school zones are unconstitutional -- and that parents and teachers should have the right to defend our kids, rather than leaving them as helpless "sitting ducks";
  • Obliterate Obama's illegal NFA regulations which make it effectively impossible for many in New York, California and other places to obtain a Class III license;
  • Withdrawing the U.S. from suits seeking to uphold unconstitutional federal and state gun bans and gun restrictions; and,
  • Repealing the succession of gun and ammo import bans -- going all the way back to George H.W. Bush's semi-auto import ban;

We are also working with Congress to pass pro-gun legislation, and send it to Trump's desk, so that he can:

  • Defund states that impose semi-auto bans or maintain gun registries;
  • Repeal restrictions on interstate firearms sales;
  • Repeal the Hughes amendment; and much, much more.

But the first step is to thank Donald Trump for taking ... the first step.

So please contact Donald Trump.

Thank him for signing the resolution repealing the Social Security Gun Ban. Urge him to work with GOA to move on to other pro-gun executive actions.


Larry Pratt
Executive Director Emeritus

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El Mulo Vaquero,  Thanks for your response.  The thread you are quoting is a list from the GOA of what they would like to see happen.  You will find that some groups/organizations are more agressive than others.  Some will try to take on all the issues at once.  While this sounds be great in theory, smaller bites work more effectively.  Remember, this all did not happen overnight, it has happened over 8+ years and we cannot expect it all to change in the 1st 6-7 months.  Further, the GOA list does not state that they are trying to get it done all at one time.  Each topic is in itself an agenda item to be worked on.  While I agree that there is a lot of damage to our rights that must be corrected, the best action is to take them on one at a time.  The UN Gun Ban is now at the top of the list.  I believe National Resiprosity will be the next thing.  There is also a more concentrated effort in the areas of the country that have the most restrictive laws.  These efforts involve working through the court system to get these reversed. Some of the white papers I have read show that ATF has pulled back and changed their view on several of it's previous topics regarding explosive powders and repatriating previously ban war time firearms; so we are making progress.  Those who "are still waiting for all the issues" quoted to be addressed before they act could help support the movement forward.  It may not be as fast as some would like, but as long as we continue to work together we will continue to move forward.


Keep Your Powder Dry



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