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NRA Starts Rolling Out September 8th

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Looks like NRA is rolling out new products and campaign starting on September 8th. NRA is planning to spend $50 million dollars this campaign season, $15 million more than they did during the 2014 election cycle.


I am rather disappointed that the NRA is moving to the Outdoors Channel, as I paid for the Sportsman Channel on Direct. Hopefully they will make much of this available on the Internet.

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Money may be the mother's milk of action, but it is our action that is essential.


I think we are actually in better shape than we realize. The only way to realize our goals though is for us to start moving towards those goals.


I guess being in California makes it pretty difficult to see anything but darkness, but with 12.8 million CHLs, and maybe 80-100 million gun owners, 2.5 million firearms sold in August alone maybe we are just being a little too quiet.


Look at Trump. How many of us thought at this point he would still be on the stage? I sure didn't. Who would have thought that Hillary's woes would still be bothering her?


What has been Trump's secret? The truth is he is just like he appears to be. Whatever negative or muck he steps in, he keeps moving. Moreso, he takes on the message about what is wrong, what needs improvement, he is somewhat insensitive, though whether he is being honest with his belief's maybe something we are still waiting on Lady History to write.


Likewise, we do have truth on our side. Better still among the public our position that a person has right to individual self-defense is a winning philosophy. Look at the adversaries and they are completely mystified that the recent shootings hardly produced an ember for gun control.


Maybe our path forward should be to push on this. It is time to start reaching out and asking people why can't an individual defend themselves? Why are they against teaching gun safety?


If wee reach out, even in CA, why can't we cultivate a person capable of getting elected in CA that is strong on both 2A and the BOR? If gun rights are that popular with the public, maybe someone we don't like, but is OK on these things can get elected?

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