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  1. On Thursday at the White House press conference the Covid Task Force presented two charts on Covid virus degradation in real world environments. These definitely show that as summer approaches, particularly in the southern and desert states in the heat common to these areas is very detrimental to Covid remaining either in the air or on non-porous surfaces. The two tables attached clearly show, and the experts at that Thursday news conference indicated environments that are hot and wet with plenty of sunlight are the environments most detrimental to Covid. The table mentions half-life which is significant if you discuss this with people. It is very much the same as nuclear half-lives according to the experts at that news conference. That is to say if you start with 1,000 Covid virus particles on a 95 degree 80% humidy environment without sunlight on a non-porous surface (such as stainless steel) within one hour you would have 500 Covid particles. After 2 hours 250 Covid particles...3 hours 125 Covid particles. It is also interesting that isopropyl alcohol, according to these same experts can kill Covid in 30 seconds even without mechanical action (wiping). Bleach, Lysol type products achieve similar results in just a few minutes. The other thing to consider are the studies reported from Stanford, USC and I think Cambridge(UK). These studies have suggested that there are many more cases of Covid than originally thought, with many of these being asymptomatic or mistaken for the flu. This could be interpreted as confirmation of Covid's morbidity, however, that would also show that mortality is greatly lower than presently reported. I believe Cambridge's study suggests mortality of 0.13% to 0.4% with the Stanford and USC belief that mortality will eventually prove out 0.13% mortality. I think those numbers are probably valid when I look at the number of people at Walmarts, Lowes, and McDonald's. Considering the possible under-reporting of Covid, using Stanford, USC, and Cambridges research, if Covid's mortality would result in a much higher death toll than we are currently observing. We should start trying to understand how we can restart our sport under the current government edicts. I doubt social distancing did all that much especially if you went to a McDonald's or Walmart. Did you see them change gloves between transactions? Did you pay or receive cash? We should also educate our participants about the problem with this government approach. Simply put, if you are worried or in a risk category, stay home. However, I think another way to protect our sports are to start selling groceries. ;-}
  2. Thanks to everyone. It helped my find parts to replace these units on my cart. My first concern though was the overall effectiveness and sturdiness of the unit. I wanted to try one hands on to make sure I wasn't buying 3 replacements instead of one. Why I decided against the Kolpin The Kolpin might well have worked just fine. However, I had two issues with what is packaging indicates is a medium duty rack kit. Number 1 the literture says this unit is intended for 15 pounds of material. Granted this unit is intended to be used on a ATV and not gun cart. On an ATV the motion of the ATV is more severe than on a gun cart so maybe the 15 pound limit is not truly a limit in my application. Other than the cart taking a tumble down a hill it is hard to believe it will ever experience the extremes of bouncing around on a ATV. The other part that caused me concern were that the jaws on unit that would cradle my guns was extremely rigid; there was very little flex. I wasn't sure without having my firearms there whether I wanted that much pressure on my stocks and barrels. All-Rite My only real issue with the All Rite was that I did not have a unit I could try out. It might well have been the closest design to what I have presently (they were bought out) they had made some changes (probably improvements) but without be able to examine those changes I could not tell whether these were as good as the originals. ATV-Tek (what I bought) I have not installed these yet...more to come. Sportsman's Warehouse had these units on the shelf. Though the mounting hardware is a little larger than the originals, the clamping cradles had plenty of flex. There was lots of adjustment capabilities that the Kolpin lacked as well. Also, Sportsman's is pretty close which makes returning this unit if it doesn't work out pretty easy. I won't have a chance to put these through real world use until our club starts shooting again. I hope that is soon.
  3. If people are watching this, I discussed this with some people from other sports here in Louisiana. Mississippi, with its Republican Governor, just opened its Gulf Coast beaches today. The IDPA shooters are telling me that matches are expected to start west of Houston this weekend. Word is social distancing is required unless you are shopping at a Walmart or Lowes ;-} . So I gather the pressure will be on to open. Some towns in Washington state have allowed construction workers to start working again, with the encouragement to maintain social distancing. My personal belief is that it should be possible to do many of the things suggested and still enjoy our sport. Limiting posses to 10. You could use your kerchief as a mask, as this has been suggested by a number of sources. Timer operator could use disposable gloves. I suspect once a few states open it will prove difficult indeed to the other states locked down. So far protests have started in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Kentucky to name a few.
  4. Hello, I have an old baby stroller gun cart and the clamps for the barrels of my guns are degrading and sticky. Can anyone tell where to get these replacements?
  5. Have there been any official guidance on how to conduct matches as we approach Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3? Has SASS put anything together?
  6. That type of legislation is not likely to go any further than the House....for now! I keep trying to figure out the Democrat autocrat strategy with Biden. For months as Biden looked like in spite of his issues he was going to be the nominee what is the plan? Biden has so many gaffs and other issues that seems to be beyond the media ability to hide. Cuomo looking like he will not run, especially against Trump (Trump knows what is in Cuomo's closet and will make sure everyone else does too), their field of presidential candidates that could step in at the convention is almost non-existent. That leaves the real focus on keeping the House and winning the Senate. Those are not nationwide races and in purple and blue states probably much more winnable. Having Biden on top of the ticket might take almost everyone's eyes off the presidential race and leave the field open for the Dems to retain the House and win control of the Senate. Really after the impeachment scandal, we saw that House would impeach Trump if he ate a hotdog from the wrong direction. They could not truly convict Trump in the Senate as they would not likely get enough vote to convict (it takes more than 50+1). At least with control of the Senate, they could keep the trial going on for months and years and not risk losing control of SCOTUS. It also helps them keep Trump people out of key positions. Also consider, that Bloomberg, though out would has all that money he would be using on a presidential run to vector into House, Senate, gubernatorial and other down ballot races like he did in Virginia. In our own state, Louisiana, just 2 years ago Bloomberg allegedly spent $1 million dollars on positioning anti-gun legislation. Remember all the issues that sunk him and made him a pariah to the Democrat Party will not be part of those people who accept his money from this tainted person. Not only that, with Bloomberg out his media organization is now free to aid the Democrat Party. I will also add that a few years ago Bloomberg apparently funded reporter salaries at PBS stations nationwide. This was suppose to be enough money to pay for the addition of two reporters at these PBS(NPR) stations. We also have to be considerably smarter this year and put money into organizations we believe can help our cause. NRA is more than just hamstrung, and I wish that problem came from outside the NRA, but it seems to be mostly self-inflicted. We still need to keep the NRA alive in the hopes the organization will do the truly difficult things and fix their issues. In the meantime, we need to put more money into other organizations so that they pick up what the NRA use to do. It seems like the Second Amendment Foundation might be one of those organizations, and there are a number of state/regional organizations that could use the help. We need to determine what they are. Our sport is hardly immune either. Since last year the gloves have come off from progressive/autocrat side of the Democrat Party and they have all guns, knives, bats, bows and arrows or anything that could make life difficult for government to control you. They no longer focus on what they call "weapons of war" and any firearm right down to hand pointing like a pistol is a threat to their style of government. One thing that is important and maybe a good thing. That is without a real perceived threat by the public from a Democrat presidential candidate, just about every under $1,000 AR has disappeared as has just about every round for the AR down to the lowly .25 ACP. So far though, I can get .45 Colt ammo off-the-shelf. I will also add that the plant that makes projectiles in our area is making all the coated cast lead bullets he can. If you buy from him at the plant, you cannot come in. He brings them to your car because he does not want to risk one of his workers getting sick and upsetting production. This reminds me very much of Hurricane Katrina. Thus far we have not had an incident where getting police protection is a problem like it was during Katrina. Katrina convinced me to get an AR. One gun shop closer to New Orleans than I am, is filled with people buying firearms in his store. He usually had just a couple of buyers in his store in the evenings but now he limits it to 7. (BTW, one guy bought a 9mm but there was no ammo for it in the store) This is giving us that opportunity again to educate those people who never thought about owning a firearm the reasons why you should, what you should buy, and how to be safe with it.
  7. I disagree with much of this. We have to approach the culture and keeping the public educated on the reason why they need to support the 2A. One of the other things we need to do is champion term limits for legislators. Lifetime legislators encourage this type of behavior and limiting them to 12+12 (12 years House, 12 years Senate) would go a long way in fixing this problem. I believe we are reaching that point where term limits would be popular to the entire electorate and even over the elected legislators. These are tough tasks. Unfortunately with the NRA mired in problems of its own creation, they are not out there promoting shooting sports like they did just 5 years ago. Unfortunately too, it does not appear to have the desire or energy to fix these problems and we might have to wait until states AGs fix it for us. The reality is we do not have the resources Bloomberg has, though many of his questionable statements have come to light. If we use those, we could kneecap some of his organizations who could be forced not to accept Bloomberg Billions that they currently enjoy. We still have the advantage of people but not money. That means we always have to stay better organized than our adversaries.
  8. Truly it is important to note that the Democrats are campaigning on confiscation of almost any semi-auto (for now). If they do manage to get elected, they will be well positioned to say they were elected to confiscate firearms. Of that fact there seems to be no doubt. I believe watching Biden may not be the best use of our time in protecting 2A issues. I believe we should be really watching who gets tapped to be the VP and that person's closest associates (VP for the VP). Biden may drop out of the race, possibly after the convention. The idea being that Trump and Republicans will have all their advertising and plans based on a Biden candidate. This happened once before at a state level several years ago; a senate race if memory serves. The Republican had pretty much destroyed a damaged Democrat candidate after the cutoff date for new candidates. The Democrat found a reason to withdraw and the state Democrat party put another person in his place. The Republican filed a complaint in court, but the court sided with the Democrats saying that there needed to have a fair contest. The Republican ultimately lost.
  9. Howdy, My daughter lives in the Leesburg/Tavares area in Florida. Any good instructors there and what does she need to do to get her CHL?
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