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A BIG thank you for an amazing EOT from the guy with the thumb.

Silver Shadow

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Since I didn't do well enough to get my picture took, or be interviewed by the TV people, I figure most people aren't going to remember my name, but, I know more than a few people cringed when I told them the story about trying to reconfigure my thumb with a table saw a week before EOT. I don't recommend it. It wasn't the speed increasing, accuracy improving, mobility charging, result I had hoped for, but it might get me remembered by a few.


Anyway, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the shooters, staff, vendors, and all at EOT this year. It was my first experience there, and it couldn't have been more gratifying. I was so impressed with the people we met, from the champions I had the privilege to shoot with on our posse, and in the warm ups, to the lady who bussed our table at the banquet (I think her alias was Misty Moonshine, yea that's right, that one) and everybody in between. They were all wonderful. Not a person I met was any thing less than cordial.


I would like to make a few particular thank yous to: Posse #28 for your wonderful humor and pleasantness, and for jumping to my aid when my newly saw'n thumb had an unfortunate confrontation with the tip of my hammer spur. Namely Sweet Harmony for literally having my back, Grazer for lending me a shoulder, Idaho Bad Company for prying my pistol from my cold dead hand, and the rest of the group (I'm sorry I don't remember some of your alias's but I remember you) for lending me aid and for your concern. I'll be in your debt always.


I would also like to thank Dillon Precision, and Talor's and Co. for their generous donations to the raffle. They are greatly appreciated and will be put to very good use. And, thank you to all the vendors, we had a marvelous experience with them and the customer service was above and beyond. One vendor in particular came to our aid on Saturday morning during the monsoon with the lending of a rain coat and some drying rags. Syd Shelene and Queen Helen's clothing tent will be a stop for us whenever they are near from now on.


I could go on and on, it was that good of an experience. Please know that I would have thanked you all individually if I could have.


I highly recommend EOT to everyone.


Silver Shadow (the guy with the thumb)


P.S. A big BoooYaaaa to Fredrick Jackson Turner, you really made my day, thank you.



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Glad you had a good time despite the saw modified thumb. I'm guessing those external modifications are allowed but not particularly popular. I'm sorry we couldn't get together however my own problems with a leg prevented me from attending much of the goings on. Next time, hope to see you at the Idaho state.


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12, I did enjoy the few minutes we did get to spend together, and I hope you can get to feeling better. I really do enjoy our time together. I do owe you a very big Thank You also. The success I felt I had at EOT, not of mention my state of health, is due, in no small part, to the advice and encouragement you've given me when we've been together in the past. Hope to see you and Pat again real soon. We'll be shooting in Price in a couple of weeks. I don't know if state is going to happen for me this year. Harvest is going to be intense, the way it looks right now, but, I've got my fingers crossed, well, what's left of them anyway. :lol:


Take care and give Pat my best


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