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"Allegiance" Named Team SASS Deputy Director

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Recently, I've been thinking about two objectives for Team SASS. First, I wanted to explore a way to increase/enhance SASS influence, effectiveness, credibility and visibility at the national level...particularly with the NRA...the 900 lb guerrilla of the gun rights world.


Secondly, I was looking for a way to ensure continuity within the Team SASS “chain of command” by designating a #2 that could step up and lead in the event something should happen to me. Given my military upbringing, the requirement for having an effective #2 came naturally. We always had a designated chain of command that could take over when and if the need arose—it just makes prudent sense.


Initially, I didn't mentally link the two objectives....that is until I thought about Joe DeBergalis, aka Allegiance. Joe is our Team SASS State Director for New York who has been very active in all Team SASS activities. He is also on the NRA Board of Directors. Additionally, he holds positions of very real influence in that organization. He is well known, well respected and totally dedicated to the Constitution, gun rights, the NRA and SASS.


Well I had an epiphany so to speak...Joe was the answer to both objectives! I called him and laid out my proposal to make him the “Deputy Director” of Team SASS and told him why we needed/wanted to do this. I told him that nobody currently involved in Team SASS activities was better suited to the mission than he. Fortunately, he enthusiastically agreed to assume the role.


I thanked him and concluded by telling him that I would run my plan by the Wild Bunch to get their buy in and we would go from there. Not surprisingly, The Wild Bunch was “wild” about the plan answering with these words; EXCELLENT idea!!, a wonderful opportunity. Go for it! Absolutely!! Great idea, BRILLIANT!!!!!!


Bottom Line, I believe this move to be a master stroke of good fortune. SASS will now have an official Team SASS Director sitting on the NRA Board of Directors--a very active and influential member I might add. By naming Joe as a Team SASS Director, SASS' influence, credibility, visibility and overall effectiveness is immediately increased and enhanced far beyond anything I could do alone. We also have the perfect fit to act as the Team SASS#2.


It is my great honor to announce that effective immediately, Joe DeBergalis, aka Allegiance is named Deputy Director of Team SASS.


Welcome aboard Joe. I see only great things ahead for both SASS and the NRA.


Check out his website...particularly I want to draw your attention to the link regarding Joe's Work at the NRA.





Colonel Dan

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Thanks Colonel for the faith in me.....


As always, should anyone here need a thing....always feel free to connect with and I'll do my very best to help!


Working together....We will prevail!

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