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Can Action Stars Hear?

Aunt Jen

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Well, Not in the fight, as I built engines for B-52's and KC-135's. I can tell you from experiance, that loosing your headset during an engine run up test, is PAINFUL! Just being around the vacinity of a dozen bombers warming up before takeoff, ( 8 engines each) your ears ring the rest of the day. I left the service 40 years ago, ... I can still hear the engines running.

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Got my tinnitus working between 2 ----70,000 HP steam turbines and 2--- 8Mwatt turbine generators on the ship. The only time I was without hearing protection was when we were cold iron or if there was a man overboard drill and we had to muster in the engine room. That was usually only for a few secs.

After leaving the engine room it was liking taking an all day motorcycle ride without a helmet. The noise got into your bones you could feel it.



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