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Live Long and Prosper

Aunt Jen

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Leonard Nimoy has passed away.




I loved him and him as Spock. Star Trek has been ground-breaking and pro human being and sentient being since the beginning.


Spock, as a character, was what people were calling a "half-breed," at the time (half Vulcan, half human) and helped break ground in the idea of accepting people who have a different make-up, in this case from an interracial marriage, as it were. Inter-special, I guess. Spock's hand gesture for Live Long and Prosper was the hand symbol for a Jewish blessing, he has stated, and there were more than a few Jewish inferences one could draw from his character (I am also Jewish and admire him, so I am not putting anyone down), YET it was of concern at the time ('60s) that his ears made him look diabolical, of the devil, or demonic. We learned from the start that he was, instead, a VERY GOOD PERSON (both Leonard and Spock), which helped a nation learn not to judge a book by its cover: Value, instead, a person's intent, his intellect, his effort, his actions.


Star Trek was ground-breaking in treating each others as valued human beings, as well, in placing Uhura on the bridge, at the time advancing social concepts, and in other skits involving issues of dissing someone because of an attribute. Thank you Gene, and all.


I'll miss Leonard. I'm thankful to have been his contemporary.

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Ya know...I'm not Jewish....but I'll miss him too.


He was a found character to be sure.....and Spock with the hand salute was wild...at the time.


Mr. Spock..."Live Long & prosper ! " :wub:

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