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Various Shot Shell Crimps

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What are the advantages of a six, eight, and rolled crimps in shot shells? Spread, range (distance), pressure, (perceived or real)?


I know rolled crimps take longer and are faster loading for doubles anyway.


Don't try to convert an 8 crimp to a 6 crimp. I got a paper shell stuck in my Lee Load All II. Base of the shell came oft.


I ordered a BPI Advantage Shot Shell Manual I can hardly wait to get it. Hey, they on sale now.



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Comparing 6 point to 8 point.


After being fired the 6 point hull seems to stay open more than the 8 point.

If you shoot a pump, this is not a problem.

If you shoot a double then the 6 point crimp may drag in the chamber during extraction.

The 8 point seems to stay closed more and does not drag on chamber or has less drag on the chamber.


Look at fired 6 and 8 point hulls from the front end. You should be able to see that the crimp points are out past the hull outer edge or not.

All 6 point hull do not react the same as the 8 point also do not all act the same.


Look at Winchester AAA hull then Remington.


Good hulls for doubles.

Remington STS green and Premium.

Winchester AAA.


I shoot doubles and I find no advantage for roll crimped hulls versus 8 point hulls.

Other than roll crimp are very slow to reload due to extra steps.

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