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Apple Pay?

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My understanding is that Apple Pay is a totally different type of payment from PayPal. Apple Pay is an app that runs on a iPhone. It allows the phone to transfer payment information to a point-of-sale terminal within a foot of the phone, negating the need for carrying a bunch of credit cards. It cannot transfer payment information over any distance.


By the way, there's been an Android application out for about a year (first called Isis Wallet, now changed to Softcard for obvious reasons) that does the same thing. But since Apple announced Apple Pay with their typical marketing splash, Apple's got the headlines.



Edit: I did some checking, and Apple Pay will allow you to pay for items within some Apple iPhone apps. At this time, you must be within an Apple app or onsite at a brick-and-mortar store to use Apple Pay.

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Apple Pay is just a mechanism to validate your credit card. So if your bank works with it and the merchant accepts contactless payments, it should work. The best part of it is that each transaction uses a one-time-use number, so it reduces the fraud we've seen at Home Depot and Target.


I've only used it once so far at a coke machine. By next October, merchants will have to use a higher security credit card, so newer terminals that probably will have Apple Pay capability will be out by then as well.


Here's more details on the system:



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