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Sawring oft a twice barrel shotgun?

Come On Christmas

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Ok I have an idear for an olde way cool, would be, wallhanger I seed.


There be pitting half way and towards the business end what MIGHT make this honey a little dangerous to shoot."


However if I sawr it off at street legal length I am thinking this would dramatically reduce the pressure on the old girl?


I would show it to a smitty before proceeding.


Is there a website that has a primer on cutting a shotgun oft? I would not even put a bead on it cause I figure the old timers would not have done so.



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Shortening the barrel does nothing to reduce internal pressure.


Removing really rough, weakened sections of the barrel would be a common reason some shotguns are shortened.


You probably won't find much in the way of instructions on a website as the instructions might garner undue attention by federal agents.


Keep the barrel length to at least 1/8 inch over federal legal limits (18 inches from face of the bolt), or you will create a Destructive Device controlled firearm that requires special registration.


Finishing off the ribs when you cut a double barrel makes a large difference in how well the ribs and barrels hang together. It might be worth it to let an experienced shotgun smith do the trim job for you.


Good luck, GJ

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