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SOLD - PF--- Uberti Open Top 1851 Navy RM Conversions

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I am cleaning out stuff I no-longer use, making room for new stuff. I've sold grips, a shotgun and a couple of pistols I bought for my wife that she won't use. This is the last of the items up for sale.


I bought these last year used, and had some work done on them so they would be dependable match guns using Federal primers. They have lightened main springs, brass bead front sites, and a modified hammer that they came with, for shooting Duelist, along with 5 1/2 inch octagon barrel. I was also told they have the Army grip frames on them......Lots of Mods


I used them with smokeless powder in a couple of matches and they shot fine but I prefer colt clones, and I'm not planning on moving to the dark side, so there up for sale.....If you email me at prlucky299@aol.com I will send you pics. I've tried posting pics here but haven't had much luck.....


$850 plus shipping or if you have an OM BIsley Vaquero SS in 357 and 4 5/8 barrel I'll consider partial trade and some cash



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did you get the pics


Yes I did thank you, the hammers are different for sure! Don't know if I'd like them turned back that far. But they are very unique to say the least..


Spades H. Thanx for the pics.

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