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Sold - Retiring Cowboy Sale – Lower $ Pair Old Model Vaqueros - 357 - Excellent

SouthGA Gent

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This is the last pair of the Old Model Rugers that I have for sale.

They are 357 Mag, stainless 4-5/8, fully tuned, slick and ready to race.

They were almost cherry when Roughneck Rod found them for me, then, lightened the springs, tuned them jeweled the triggers.

These guns have half cock notch and transfer bars removed.

They have not really been shot hardly any yet and have just the faintest of a turn line visible.

I have $1500 in these and would like $1450 plus $50 shipping.

NEW PRICE 08/02/2014 - $1450 shipped


They will come with the original grips in the same excellent condition, not the Gunfighter grips shown.

More images can be seen at http://www.pbase.com/southgagent/om_vaq2



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Sarsparilla Sam SAS #98767 aka Gene Meabon of Wapakoneta Ohio here. I do have an interest in your six shooters. You have done a great job with the description so I find only a few questions. 1. Do you know the date of manufacture? 2. By chance are the ser # sequential? 3. Is the holster rig included? if so what size is the belt? 4. Dies? 5. How do you propose to do the transaction? I can be emailed @ antiqmal@bright.net. If it turns out that they are still available and we can come to some sort of agreement I will forward my phone # or you can supply yours and we can get more serious. Thanks, Gene

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SouthGA Gent


Can't tell if they are sold or not. Maybe just an optical illusion, but they look like 5.5" bbls.

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