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Just my humble opinion of a new Win 1873

Hashknife Cowboy

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Recently while driving past a gun shop in Prescott Valley, AZ, I suffered an indescribable urge to stop and check out what lurks within a occasionally visited gun store. The kind that sells want and not need. Most of us involved CAS are infected with an affliction that draws us into gun shops wherever we are.

Much to my surprise, there one on the rack, a “new, almost fictional Winchester 1873, in .45.”

Here is my opinion of the rifle, of course I bought it!

Winchester kept to the original design, mostly. Except for a firing pin that is rebounding, multiple-piece design. My rifle is fitted with a round, 20-inch barrel, a crescent butt plate and a steel-capped forearm. The bluing is polished and nicely done. The wood is very nice walnut with a subtle satin finish and is very well fitted to the metal. The rear sight is a buckhorn and the front is Marble gold bead. Older vision approved I might add. There is a caliber engraving on the bottom of the brass cartridge lifter.

Before I shot it I just had to peek inside. I pulled off a side plate and much to my surprise all contact surfaces were brightly polished. Everything was fitted together nicely as one should be for the just over a $1000.00 price tag.

Range time was at 50 yards, factory Black Hills 250 gr lead and consistent grouping of 3 shots at 1.4 inches from a rest. Smooth action, clean trigger pull and not excessive, about 4 lbs. Even out to 100 yards it was still a consistent shooter. Granted, one could sip their coffee in the time it took the bullet to hit at that distance but you’d hit.

Overall, a tremendous rifle, built right and very glad I found one.

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Nice to hear that they did it mostly right. I heard they would be short-stroked,are they ? Or are they std. lever stroke ?

Now if they had only done this ten years ago,eh ?

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