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Next Time Someone Claims Starbucks Doesn't Support Our Troops

Subdeacon Joe

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I apologize then, I wasn't trying to prolong it, or even disagree with you, per se.

No apology necessary. We were just saying the same thing over and over. I made my point and understand yours. Take care :)



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There's a Starbucks in the VA hospital where I work.



non-fat hazelnut latte

There's a big Starbucks on Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. I suspect the reason there are none in Afghanistan is because "Green Beans" got that contract. In turn, Green Beans got the contract because they are a Saudi Arabian company and, in spite of how terrible their coffee is, we wouldn't want to let an American company compete with them.


On the one hand I agree that carrying a rifle is like to cause a ruckus because people aren't used to the idea that good guys can be armed. On the other hand, how do we get our society over the paranoia about seeing people with guns acting in a calm, peaceful, civilized manner if people aren't seen carrying guns in a calm, peaceful civilized manner?

Do we want to get over the paranoia? If I'm in a store and a guy comes in open carrying a rifle, my question is whether to draw my gun now, or just get behind him and get ready. There are 2 kinds of people carrying a rifle around in public - nuts who want attention and nuts who mean to shoot somebody. Either way, they are bad news for gun owners.

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