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Congrats & Thanks To Winter Range

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As long as there are congrats going around, I wanted to add one more...a big CONGRATS AND THANKS to the AZ Territorial Company of Rough Riders and their many, many volunteers for putting on what continues to be the best shoot on earth! Almost 800 shooters and they manage to make a shooter feel as welcome as if they were at their home club. From a smooth and quick registration to a well-coordinated Awards Presentation - and that was for 32 categories, 10 deep! Stages straight forward, easy to understand, fun to shoot. AND that new 350-400 ft. boardwalk? It was the BOMB! Even in the downpour, no flooding on Stages 1-4! woohoo! 1 day of rain and still all were able to finish. The attention to detail at not only each of the 12 facades, but the entire range was pure artistry...ok, even the Ladies Restroom (not the blue boxes) was decorated!


On a personal note, Windy and I were lucky enough to have Wild Bodie Tom as our PM with his deputy, Two Dot. Wild and wooly as Bodie is, he set the tone from the beginning with clear instruction, never a question unanswered and our posse ran smooth as silk and a great time was had by all!


If you weren't able to attend, make sure to go to the WR website and check out the stage fronts...betcha you'll be there next year! Mark you calendar and save your rubles, there's also a load of vendors you won't want to miss!


Can't WAIT to see what they do next year!

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