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Red lettered words- double underlined..

Rance - SASS # 54090

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Just started fer me I think Monday...

Words like pawn shop.. select.. Maximum.. farmer.. and many many more

are showin' up by themselves in a thread already red and double underlined...

When you scan over them.. They are ads tryin' ta sell stuff...

When I answered the thread on Pawn Shop.. Pawn Shop came up in red,, double underlined..

When Goody posted on the thread.. Pawn Shop came up in red and double underlined..

Someone else posted... the words Pawn Shop was fine... Just wonderin'..


Rance ;)

Thinkin' ok.. maybe it's just me..

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Yes it's you. Your computer has picked up a virus/malware. Happened to me last year.Scan it.

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