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Watch the video for the complete report! I can't believe it I actually haggled! Just like my Territorial Governor told me I should!




You Rock GOODY! SASS leadership that helps the rank and file that is poor, downtrodden, and slow as Christmas!


Mexican Americans love the 30 30 which they call the Trenta Trenta! When I called it that I got a knowing smile from the dark eyed slim yet buxom Mexican American Senorita behind the counter. I figure this rifle bounced around for a while behind the seat of a pick up till the Cabellero needed a loan from the Working Man's Bank. Prolly shot a few deer, hogs, or Armadillos (some folk eat em and claim they good). Our Mexican friends usually just catch em.


The bore is clean as a whistle and it shucks shells just fine. Perfect for Cody Dixon.


I think we all should do Pawn Shop Reports when we see something worthy and join THE PAWN SHOP RANGERS!


Chameless Woomanizer



P.S. Hey Goody is Cha Cha's Restaurant just up the road any count?

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Gonna shoot my new to me 30 30 tomorrow with store boughts then get to casting and reloading up @ 60 rounds.


Muchas Gracias,



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