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Breathern, I have been noticing a few used Kirst, R&D, and Howell conversion cylinders out there.


Please tell me I be worried over nothing, but folks are not saying wether they be for a Uberti or Pietta pistol. Should the cylinders become mixed up with the wrong pistol would this spoil a pards entire day or facilitate an early dirt nap?


I had a R&D for a Rogers & Spencer I had and still have a conversion for an 1858 Remmie. Niether one of these has a manufacturer mark on it or a style mark on it to identify what gun it be for. What if a Putz like me got them mixed up?


Signing off using my other well known alias,


Concerned Soccer Mom

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Hey Shameless:

My R & D conversion cylinders have a "P" or "U" stamped on them.


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I put my new spectacles on and looked at my Kirst Cylinder for my Pietta Remmie. Engraved on the cylinder or cap thingy is 45 C, a patent number, and a month and date of manufacture.


I noticed a reasonably priced conversion cylinder on Gunbroker. I emailed the guy to find out which manufacturer the cylinder was made for. It is for a Uberti. He did not know you could add to the description and add pictures after someone has bid. This is the second time I have addressed this on Gunbroker.


I am a hoping that a gunsmitty will speak to us about this. This old Boy Scout is jest trying to do his good deed for the day so some new bean to the Dark Side won't get hurt.


Hey Dawg - Check out my 44/40 1866 Boy auction on Gunbroker - http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=281492916 Not to worry, my heart is still in the cap n ball arena. I am taking on a new tangent. Remmies with conversion cylinders. I bought me a new lever gun in 45 Colt and jest wanna do the majority of my loading in 45 Colt. Ima gonna get me a Remmie Carbine this summer and put the loading gate cylinder on it to shoot NCOWS or at SASS clubs that aren't wound up too tight. Well, I guess the NCOWS guyz are wound up about other issues in all fairness.


I need to give in to my wunderlust and come up and shoot with ya sometime.


Your trading partner and partner in crime,


Shameless Womanizer

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