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Shameless' Merchantile - Men's Clothing Depot

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Item #1 Used Prison Uniform Retails for $44.90 + Shipping

Scroll down to view the traditional Black and White Ensemble (I am trying so hard to change my image.)




Here is mine. It has faded very little which gives it character. What with your light skin pallor you will look like you have spent some time in solitary. Hey, if you have a tan you will look like you been busting up rocks turning bigguns into littleuns.


Mine is a 4XL Shirt and I would say anywheres from 46” to 48” waist pant. But wait! That is not all! I will throw in the Black and White Beanie Cap as well!




$30 + $11 Shipping in a Priority Mail Box Conus including Alaska excluding Hawaiier


Item #2 Perfect for youse guys that live where it is cold. Everybody is tired of hearing my stories of one of my great greats being a Union Drummer boy. People down here in Texas keep trying to pin targets on my back. I would say the Wool pants have a 48” Waist 30" Length. The Wool Coat is a 52”. Get your ownself a Red Cannon Stuffer Kepi from a sutler and some brogans or jest wear black Ropers.


The Wool pants cost $100 a while back the red stripes where about $10 plus my Mom’s laborious sewing. I forget what the coat costs.




Let’s say $70 + $15 Shipping into a Priority Mail Box Conus including Alaska excluding Hawaiier


I have some more stuff to sell, but I got to put the pork chops on the grill!


Thanks for gawking,



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I answered you. I'll take it, them, the yankee boy outfit. Still thinking about the Cool Hand Luke duds. Ain't nobody eat 50 egg!


You could prolly get em darted to make em smaller.



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Accessories make the outfit . . .


Here is a truly innocent man wearing his prison beanie.






Shameless Womanizer, Prisoner of Love

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