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Does anyone else beside me do this?

Come On Christmas

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Go to a club known for absolute speedy quickness and shoot Frontiersman so you will always win cause you are the onlyest one shooting that category? :blush:


Then leave immediately after the shoot knowing they are gonna read your name in the award ceremony.

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Hey! I know. Start a new low down or down low splinter group with Chapters in each state of the U.S.!


The HOLY BLACK VANDALS! Quarterly (every three months) we could announce the club we were gonna raid shooting only cap and ball weapons!


Sign up below! Nominate yourself for president of the organization. That's right "I do not seek nor will I accept nomination" of these partying people! Dues - A promise to donate at least $5 to a charity of your choice after each raid.


Dooley Gang look out here we come!


THE HOLY BLACK VANDALS! (we are Holy cause we donate to charities.)


Sign up as a member in good standing below!

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Great idea Shameless!


I nominate you as president.


One of my alter egos has seconded it.


A vote has been taken and you are officially known as Prez Low Down Womanizer!


I'll be shootin' & scootin' with C&B guns at the next full match I attend.


Charity: Boy Scouts of America



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First bylaw - only raid club matches. Don't raid a regional shoot because there be folk wanting to shoot Frontiersman speedy quick there, besides why pay extra money to shoot slow?

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