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Tang sight for a Low Wall?

Charlie Harley, #14153

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My dad has a Winchester Low Wall from the batch they made a few years ago in 45-70. He would like a tang peep sight for it.


What are folks using for theirs? Marbles? Lyman #2? MVA? Something else?


I appreciate the Wire's thoughts.

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Charlie, depends on the maximum distance the 45-70 will be shot.

Marbles/Lyman peep is good to probably 200yds max. Vernier Mid Range (3") to 500-600 yds. Creedmoor Long Range (4") to 1200yds.


You mentioned MVA - excellent sight. So is Baldwin - Lee Shaver and I like the Red River sights made in Canada. If you want to drop down in price, the Pedersoli Soule sight has served me well on one of my HighWall rifles

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