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Uberti Cattleman accuracy - what is your experience?

Rancid Loosehammer

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Yes that is the group size as best as I could measure it ,,,, it gets very hard to measure groups this small ....



Jabez Cowboy

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Well, I finally received the Uberti Cattleman that I had ordered.

Took it to the range.

Just as Driftwood indicates is usually the case, it shot "dead nuts on" for windage. A might low, as expected, but the group was centered dead on for windage. And it didn't matter what brand of ammo I fed it either, it was still always centered for windage. Can't brag about the group size because the trigger pull is still very heavy, and I simply can't handle heavy triggers well at all. But the fact that the groups did center at point of aim, and it was me shooting it, seems to verify that it ain't my trigger pull, etc. that's pulling my Rugers to the left.

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