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I Think My Case Vibrator/Tumbler is Toast

Howdy Doody

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First thing I noticed was the cases all grouped together head down at the bottom and I had some not too used corn cob media in it. I ran it for about an hour and the cases were not anywhere as bright as usual. I changed out to walnut media and ran it again. At first the cases tumbled around, but after checking on it an hour later, again the cases were all lined up in a circle at the bottom of the bowl. So, that was 44-40 and then I decided to pull those out and had some .38 spl to clean and I dumped them in too. Same results. It seems the vibrater is doing something, but maybe not enough strength to tumble the cases like it did. I saw no cases hit the cover (it is clear), so I think it might be worn out. I have the same load of abot 200 38 spl in it as I always cleaned.


What do you think? Is it time to get a new one? Any brand better than another. Mine is from Midway. Thanks

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