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Plumb cool, SDJ...!


You might not believe this, but this afternoon on the way home from the GLB outing in Glendale, cruisin' up 99 with Ms Helen Brimstone driving, I opened the wire on my cell phone - and at the exact instant I saw this post, I looked up and DANG! There sat a B-17~!! Just outside the town of Tulare, with an F-4 parked alongside. Now, THAT was plumb cool!! :lol:


And what an interesting sight; the "fighter" was nearly the size of the WW II heavy bomber.


Very good pictures... thanks for the post! ^_^

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My pleasure, sir.


To add to your comparison. The F-4 Phantom II could carry 16,000 pounds of bombs, compared to the Forts 4800. And could likely have struck Berlin from England and been home before a Fort finished its climb out.

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