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How to fix your hair

Aunt Jen

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Mine is salt & pepper........mostly salt now.



I wear it tied back......sometimes in braides....when da mood hits me rat anf I go "Injun" on folks !!

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Brylcream, a little dab will do ya!




Not ifin' da young lady is a Raponzel type of gal.......




Will need dat whole tube, ya know !!!!

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Alright. You ready for this? :excl:


After washing, I put some after-rise, leave-in conditioner, and then tie it back (usually)—and leave it alone. My hair can be damaged easily. It didn't used to, but I'm older, now, I guess. So messing with it, brushing it, etc., can all damage it. I learned from my daughter-in-law, actually, not to even brush it. It wouldn't stay brushed, anyway, with any breeze. So I just use a light comb, and then pin it back or something. I never dry it, either.


Then, overall and overtime, it takes on a healthier look. :P:o


OK? A lot more than you wanted?



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