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Peep Sight for 1886 Winchester


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I recently acquired a 1886 Winchester Extra Light as a gift, and I'm interested in finding a SASS-legal tang peep sight for some long range cowboy shooting (I know the Extra Light is not ideal for this but as I said, it was a gift). The problem is that most of the peep sights I've seen get in the way of the tang-mounted safety switch. Can anyone point me in the direction of a SASS legal sight that will fit?


Thank you all,


-Solo Sam


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Marbles makes a tang sight with a short base designed to mount behind the tang safety on your 1886. Here's link to one at Buffalo Arms:




This is their standard model; they also make a similar sight that has interchangeable stems. I see that they are out of stock at Buffalo Arms, but they should be available at a number of other suppliers (Midway, for example.)


Here's a link to the improved sights at Marbles:




Good luck!

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Guest Sheriff Pack Wolf, SASS #31917

You may also be aware that they offer an extra tall staff. The normal one doesen't go high enough for long range. I put one on mine and now it will reach 350 yards.

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I believe Marbles does sell directly to the consumer, but I'm always looking for a discounted price.




Yep. They offer a long range sight stem. The problem with the 86 is that the sight stem must be placed well to the rear of the tang in order to clear the bolt. This, of course, also places the stem quite a bit lower than it would be on, say, a 92, meaning you'll need considerably more height to get beyond 200 meters or so.

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