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Stocking a Gun Cart

Gus 'Buck' Silver

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Lets see. I got.

Extra ammo and knock down ammo.

Sun and clear shooting glasses.

Extra ear plugs.

Bag for spent cases and SG hulls.

Loading strips.

Screw driver with different bits.

Gun Oil.

Pro Grip for my hands.

Bore brush and SG mops.



Picker upper to pick brass with, and a small bucket.

Back up guns.

If dusty or looks rainy. I will throw in gun covers and rain gear.


Extra guns parts would be nice. But don't have any. :huh:


Add all the wifes junk. And it is over loaded. :wacko:

Thinking about getting making her. Her very own gun cart.


I've shot with Al and he speaks the truth. Savannah G (my wife) also shoots with me and likewise I also have a cart full of stuff. I asked Savannah if she wanted a cart of her own, and she inphatically said she didn't cause she like it just the way it is. :)

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This is my "list" of stuff I take to every match



Gun Cart




Leather (including shotgun slide and pouch)

Cooler / Drinks / Snacks

Ammo Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun (no larger than 7½)


First Aid Kit


Screw Driver Set – Optional

Ear Plugs and Eye Protection

Bug Spray / Sun Screen

Knock Out Rod - Optional

Towel / Rag

Garbage Bags


Brass Bag

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