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  1. I've been frustrated trying to connect for at least a month with intermittent results on my laptop and phone. Today was the first time I've been able to connect in about a week. I use Google and when I try to connect using www.sassnet.com I get a blank page. I haven't tried refreshing 8-10 times or trying to connect through the link on page 31 of the Shooters Handbook (if I could get to it in the first place). BTW GR, the link in the Shooters Handbook is www.sassnet.com, NOT WWW.SASS.net Today I tried www.sassnet.net (using .net instead of .com) and was successfully connected to the SASS main page on my laptop. It didn't work with my iPhone (4S). I've created new bookmarks for the main page and the Shooters Handbook. I'm hoping those will let me get in easily in the future.
  2. Great to work with. Thanks again.


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