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trigger job for a Handi Rifle?

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Hey guys, I never had an issue with the trigger on my handi rifle with the 45-70 open sights barrel. It works just fine and with hunting ammo (Leverevolution ammo) 50 yards from a rest and I can cover 3 shots with a silver dollar or so. That'll put venison on the dinner table every time!


I got a 223 barrel for it and put a scope on it and took it to the range for the first time today to season the barrel. I found that it has potential (i use cheap ammo in a new barrel, and site it in just good enough to hit center of paper, I'll work up reloads for it later), but I was having called fliers on a fairly regular basis. It may just be I was having an extra twitchy day, but at least 1 shot in three I knew I twitched before I looked back at the target to see how bad. Seems the trigger is a little rough and hard for a scoped rifle. Anybody know somebody that does trigger jobs on these in Southern California?


BTW, the cheap 223 ammo at Turners that is made in Turkey (comes 30 in a box for the same price as a regular box of 20) is steel core even though it doesn't say so on the box. Range master came over to me as I was setting up with a magnet to let me know I couldn't shoot that ammo at that range. According to this guy, the Turkey ammo is the same as the standard military green tip ammo, just without the green paint. Just a heads up for y'all.

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Anybody know somebody that does trigger jobs on these in Southern California?

No, but you can do it yourself. Read the FAQ's on Graybeard's Outdoors ...


You might also put up a post there as to who in CA can do the work. Good Luck!

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The following is the H&R Western Service Center:


J&G Gunsmithing

7680 Barton Rd.

Granite Bay, CA 95746

(916) 786-9200



Give them a call see if they know anyone south. Have had J&G do stock work, e.g. repair SKB and install ladder sight on a H&R Target model, but I don't have any experience with their metalsmiths.

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