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German Territory Roundup May 6 - 8, 2011

Frederick Jackson Turner

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Oh, I'm just getting excited to see RePhil, Boogie, Olli, Curley Red, Lyoner Dundee, Joe Dakota, and the rest!


Those guys and gals really put on an absolutely First Class Match!




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I will be there, haven't shot any matches in Germany this year, so I'm looking forward to see those guys too.

We are getting CAS started in Holland, so now we have matches here too and it's growing!!!

Almost all of the dutch guys are shooting Frontier Cartridge btw.

I will buy you a beer or two if you bring some cd's.



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Only two weeks to the German Territory Roundup :D

This saturday there's a match in Holland, sort of warm-up, followed by cooling down <_<

What the heck, we'll have a blast and a beer(afterwards ofcourse) and then we'll be counting down.

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