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Help with Photobucket.

Conejo Kid #51342

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I want to put an picture in the classifieds. I haven't done this in a year or so and can remember how to get the picture from Photobucket to the SASS forum. I know I need to import/export, cut, paste or ??. I can't seem to push the right series of buttons to get this done.


Can someone please point me in the right direction so I can do this maneuver??


Thanks, Conejo

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You can't add a picture, but you can link to a picture. In Photobucket, when you cursor over your picture it gives a drop down menu. Just click on Direct Link, and the pathway is automatically copied. Come over to the SASS Wire, start a new topic, click on the link button next to the smiley fact, paste your pathway from Photobucket, add text (such as boots, hat) and you're done.

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