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Land Run 2011

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Land Run is here!!!!! Starts Thursday.


Hope everyone that is coming has a safe trip.

I’m headed to the range today and will be there until Monday, tear down.

Look me up when ya get here. If ya know me we can talk about how good or bad we did last year and if ya don’t know me, it’s time we met!

See ya’l soon.


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Wish I could stay at the range for a whole week for Land Run. Guess I should have been a fireman....no, wait, then I'd have to run into burning buildings! :blink: Guess I'll just see you Wed. after work. This is one of the best times of the year for me because of all the people I get to see who I only see once a year. Thursday can't come quick enough.


Safe travels to all you out of town cowboys and cowgirls. See You soon.

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Started packing today, will be there Thurs morning.


Fingers (Show Me MO smoke) McGee

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