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Too Darn Hot

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Average temp for today's date (April 1) in Phoenix is 80 degrees.

First day in recorded history for Phoenix to ever reach 100 degrees was 2 May.

Hottest temp in recorded history for today's date 95 degrees.

Today's temp at 1:30 PM was 100 degrees.


Most TV, radio, newspaper, etc. have not even started their annual when will it reach 100 degrees contests.


Maybe Al Gore was right--just kidding, but something is sure happening!

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I think the earth really is heating up some, but there are wide swings in the earth's temperature over aeons. We just began climbing out of the last ice age some 12 thousand years ago, or so.


Some people think that things man does contributes significantly to the global warming, with deforestation, releasing carbons into the atmosphere...


Others think the earth, itself, is by far the greatest contributor, with such as lightning-strike-generated forest fires, volcanic eruptions, all of which can generate far more than humans.


Others think humans may actually be helping prevent more global warming by our programs of putting out forest fires (not letting them burn, helping to save the forests, preventing larger burns with the carbons not being released....


Others think the positive correlation between the presence of carbons in ice cores and temperatures also indicated in the ice cores is just that, a correlation. Not cause and effect. (And it's true that correlation is not cause and effect.)


Others think that a more likely cause of the global warming/cooling cycle is sun spot activity as it relates to the formation of clouds in the atmosphere, changing the earth's albedo, ability to reflect infrared radiation back out into space or back to the earth's surface, as it all relates to the earth's homeostatic balancing act.




I don't know.


I'm keeping my Ford Mustang, and I'll continue to shoot when I can.... I do care about the environment. I do care about the earth.


If it's helpful to motivate us into some research and less into pollution, then fine. But I have some trouble seeing massive expenditures for it when we have so many other things we are more certain about that could use the help.


"Did I talk too much, Painless?"


He just gives me a disgusted look.




Aunt Jen

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28 degrees

With 6 inches of heavy wet snow on the ground and the wheather report is calling for up to 2 feet more for today !!!


This winter has been the longest and coldest in years ,,,,,, And we had no summer to speak-off last year ...


Globle Warming ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, NOT !!!




Jabez Cowboy

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