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38 Caliber Rifle Speedloader

Kidd Bear #45432

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I am in the market for a replacement speedloader for my Marlin .38 rifle.. I had one of the clear ones with the wood push rod but the plastic got mangled within the first 100 rounds.. Mangled enough to where i could not feed the rounds into the rifle..


I had seen one made out of, pvc i believe.. It looked a lot tougher..


Would anyone know what company makes it..



Kidd Bear

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Wooden Works West has them if this is what you want, could be different than what you had




All for now JD Trampas

That's the one that doesn't last long!!


Get ahold of Slick McClade

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How about posting some pictures. I have thought about shooting a local steel match with my Marlin 94 in 45 Schofield. Not talking legal just wanna try it.



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