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One of the coolest black powder photos I have seen.

Ketchum Quick, SASS #72923

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Our Club photog Tin Type Charlie took this picture of Gunner Gatlin shooting our stage 3 during our January shoot. I have to say that I think it is one of the best action photos I have ever seen. What do you guys think???




Once you open the link, click on the picture to blow it up.


Ketchum Quick


Oh and by the way the Rockford Sportsmen's Club will be shooting on Feb 5th.

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Mighty fine photo of GG.

Love that he is enveloped in BP smoke.

Looking at the pic, I can just about smell the sweet aroma of BP!

Looks like them irons recoil a bit too!



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Tin Type Charlie does great with including every shooter and brass rat!!


You guys are too kind. I'm just 'limp wristed' :angry:


BTW - I plan on bein' there in Feb!. The Doc Noper shotgun belt worked wonders for me. Looking forward to trying the Michigan Rattler holster next time.


I plan on tryin' to be a bit faster on target aquisition...35+ second stages is good for hittin' ALL the targets, but make for a loooong day (for everybody). Thanks to the posse members who are patient with me.


GG ~ :blush:

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