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Tumbling cases, how long is too long?

Grizzly Dave

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Put a tablespoon of new media on top of the old stuff, the color will let you know how dirty the old stuff is.

You can pour the old media in a cheese cloth bag and hang it on a line and hit it with a hose. Keep spraying it till the water runs clean.

Let it dry and use it again with some brass polish added. Media is like oil, it doesn't wear out...it just gets dirty. Once clean it should work


Big Jake

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Here is a related question- how do you know when it is time to change your tumbling media?


I don't try, just add another squirt of Flitz with every load. I have left the thing running over a long weekend and have read of someone going on vacation for several weeks...


I don't use dryer sheets but I run the cases through a separator with a good fan going. The corn cob media lasts a long time.



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