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  1. Yes. The safe is free. It's your problem to move it, or have it moved, but there is no charge for the safe.
  2. Yes, the combination is known and it is in a garage so that it will not have to navigate any steps up or down to be removed.
  3. A friend sent me a note and I asked if I knew any "gun people" in the San Francisco area that might be interested in a Mosler safe she'd like to lose. (It's available regardless of where you are, but considering you need to go get it, I would think the closer to San Francisco, the better.) It's big - about 6 feet tall, over 3 feet wide. I included a pic of the safe and the two plates she found on it. You can probably google for more info based on them. From what I found, it looked like it might make a decent gun safe. If you're interested, email her, Janet, at boulder14226(AT)hotmail.com (replace (AT) with @ It has been a LONG time since I posted on the forum and it was not clear if this type of post was permitted. It clearly did not fit in the classifieds because it is definitely inconsistent with those rules. I was just trying to help a friend and possibly a cowboy who could use a safe. If it's wrong and causes someone to suffer a microaggression, I'm sorry and the moderators can delete it.
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