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  1. Oh Holy Night is one of my top favorites. So many others that are moving and meaningful.
  2. I can't see out to 300 + yards. I'm good with .22 LR. That said, I got my 30-06 for the heavy lifting, and .22 LR for giggles and kicks. All VIRTUAL of course. In answer to your question, .308.
  3. Good to see you back in the saddle, Captain. Just chalk it up to 2020. Glad it wasn't worse than it was/is.
  4. More Chironomids: I couldn't help myself. I had an empty fly reel spool, so I ordered me a new flyline.
  5. Still 20 more days to go, guys. But it does look like a good start. HO HO HO!
  6. A bit of nostalga goes with tying. I keep remembering the last time I used that fly and where. Then all those wonderful memories come flooding back. I sure miss old Bruce. That man was a master at wood carving, wood working and fly tying. And he always outfished me too! I am certain the fish are bigger, fight harder, and are more plentyful where he is. And sitting around the campfire drinking his burbon was always special. Don't know what it is about fly lines that appeal to me so much. The graceful curl out over the water is like poetry in motion. Dang, I need a fix.
  7. I know she is, but, and there is always that ugly but, Badger is goning to be Badger. She is the class part of the program. Thanks for your wishes.
  8. On this date in 1958, the dawn came up cold and clear. By 11:00 AM there was a nearly foot of snow on the ground. How do I know this. Becasue that is the day Mrs. Badger made a big mistake and said "I DO". Gotta love that gal. Hanging in with me for 62 years. Not many women around with that kinda stamina. Love you, Sweetheart!
  9. BAHAHAHAHAHA Like I am ever going to have that kind of a problem!
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