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  1. Missed this but , Yes Gasgacinch , HighTack , or spray adhesive on one side to hold gasket in place all I ever do , rare occasion if mating surface is pitted I will use a bit of RTV sealer .
  2. I heard that the testicle enlargement process wasnt cheap
  3. Ohh But its fun making those SEALs bounce balls around on their noses
  4. Ahh yes the worlds most expensive taxi service for the Mens dept of the Navy . The Corpsmen are on the one exception especially the one shown with the Raider Patch
  5. As a Marine I understood that but you missed a &@$!
  6. I would have to second them on grips I bought a pair for my Thunderer "aged Ivory " Fit was actually very decent on this model
  7. How long ago was that I was there 09-12 Never saw that gate have a guard , . Fun Marine fact of the day is they had the standard red sign with gold letters on Chesty Pullers house at Pearl Harbor . I always hated the fact that on a "military only " road from Vilseck Germany to Graf they had full guarded gates on both Vilseck and Graf sides with training area in between ??
  8. They havent done decals for years on many bases . the cost involved with issuing them tracking ect . Also was part of the reasoning that off Post they could be targeted . That Being said a Marine would Not be on a gate at Pearl Harbor and its Joint base Hickam(USAF) and Pearl (USN) so they have Navy/ Air Force gate guards . The Marine Corps base Kaneohe Bay is the other side of island . But No salute is a Mister
  9. If you havent seen it Clint Eastwood did this along with Flag of our Fathers Awesome trip to make went with a couple of Marines I knew . 2 Fought at Iwo A few might have heard of the Marine seated with Hat that I went with PFC Jack Lucas MOH The other Marine I went with Cpl Gene Gustad. and a code talker This Guy tagged along too.
  10. One issue I don't have is mistaking the .300BO for a .458 SOCOM (when you don't care if offending party sees another sunrise ) .300BO vs .458 SOCOM
  11. When I have others shooting with me I use color coded Magazine bands on mags and rifle to separate the .300 from 5.56 . This is a pretty interesting read.. https://www.luckygunner.com/labs/5-56-vs-223/
  12. Well since a majority of Americans came from Europe that's being Captain Obvious , don't make me give a crap about an obvious statement .
  13. You could not know how little I care about European Countries Most of them could become New Chernobyl for all I care .
  14. You forget they are in the area that does Chocolate gravy on biscuits for breakfast
  15. Sitting here laughing at the .308 price while I clean my .458 SOCOM Taking that one out next trip out . That will make a few look around when they hear that put rounds downrange .
  16. Yes B5 is a company that makes buttstocks and grips . And with the ones I’ve had nice grip on for the grips and the butt stocks are good and tight with no wobble.
  17. Opps, I know that just typed it backwards Sorry for the confusion
  18. Truthfully , Some make it harder than it needs to Be . and well I earned my living depending on a AR base rifle. Was Unit weapons NCO and taught classes to other units , All based on what we learned for being deployed . Here are some thoughts on a few things and I am Not calling anyone out . But what is the main Reason behind getting a AR ? To overcome violence with overwhelming Violence . Period I wont depend on a cheap firearm . In the AR platform you have basic may Use Mil-spec Tolerances , most use Commercial tolerances and lead to more play and less accurate . For a First Time Buyer I recommend a Name Brand in the 800-1000 range , Doing This you dont need any special tools. Reasons why a midrange AR and for that I say 5.56 that allows you to run .223 you wont have to worry about running a certain ammo or not running cheap steel case ammo . There are 2 types of AR's those I would depend on in a fire fight and those I wont. In the AR platform you have basic may Use Mil-spec Tolerances , most use Commercial tolerances and lead to more play and less accurate Most fire fights will happen in the 40-75 yard range so a good Red Dot I prefer Eo Tech for more than the Basic Red Dot . Keep in mind the basic AR 5.56 round wont see past 3-400 yards MAX no need for a high Dollar scope on a AR unless its Built for that . I dont recommend a .22lr conversion , for 2 reasons 1) and goes into the the 5 P's if you need your AR and gee you left in the 22 kit and have 5.56 mags you are done . 2) a HK 416 22LR runs appx 450 and you dont have the Dirty crappy 22 round to deal with in your AR as the gas system is tailored for the 22lr. A conversion kit runs 230 ish
  19. Well as I build most of my own they are contagious For off the shelf and surprised I saw no one say one of the better one Springfield Armory the Saint is Nice good all around shooter For longer ranges I Have a ATC which in nuts on at 600 yeads Using both off the shelf 55 grain but shine using the MK 262 77 grain . Don't get into the adjustable gas systems (99.9 of those that have them don't know how to adjust them ) Do stock up on Ammo . Just a few hours I can go through 1-2 k for training 1400 today You might look into the 300 Blackout round but 55 grain 5.56 is more available and cheaper , but .300 will stop more Note you can run .233 in a 5.56chamber but not the other way around , except if it is .223 Wilde that's a in-between . I prefer chambered for 5.56 as thats what I run most of . AR10's well Different mags and well I have one in 6.5 creedmore (also the new MRGG ( Mid Range Gas Gun ) sniper rifle ) I can confirm its good out to 1000 yards . and You can do 7.62 but then ammo goes up. I am Not a Benchrest shooter I run my crap hard , full kit lets move and shoot but at 75 yards moving with a full mag dump in a few seconds .But then again 8 deployments will do that for you. This is 600 yards with a LVPO Primary arms 1-10 with 5.56 55 grain vs 77 grain Springfield Armory ATC Full mag dump in full kit Springfield Armory Saint 5.56 50-75 yards moving with EO Tech Red dot
  20. Buy as many as I want local for that price and get a discount off of that .
  21. PSD Personal Security Detachment/ Detail GRS Global Response Staff/ Solutions
  22. Wont because it goes against the anti Gun disarm the population agenda. Fact is they wouldn't even use these guys in the video for their own PSD
  23. Hardly Secret Service , just what is known to the real PSD,GRS guys as rent a hack they have very little training , run barely level 3 vest and scrub AR accessories that Grip pod LOL wont even go into the handcuff hanging in his butt These are mall cops with AR's https://www.presidentialsecuritycompany.com/certifications-and-clients
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