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  1. Fun Fact that April Fools day is also @Alpo Birthday
  2. Because Todays society demands respect but gives none, however they have no self respect one quick trip to Walmart will confirm. There are a lot of failures as "Parents " out there now .
  3. Careful Boys there might be acorns out there
  4. Yep, now translate that into you offended the "Community Standards " or exceeded that weekly allowed mileage to can do .
  5. When your gun has a plane ,And nice to see in action
  6. LOL I hear you at least you are willing to fight for your home , not the as we call them freedom freeloaders that run and move here But to seriously answer the OP just a little concert
  7. Or one day further from spring , depending on how you look at it We could be in March but stuck in February still. Spring around here well is any hour it decides to happen
  8. You are in blue state Mass you cant even take over your own state less alone the world you already lost
  9. You already drive a EV , not much more insulting to manhood than that
  10. I am just waiting for this to pass so I can take a ranching job again.
  11. Jokes on you I have no emotions or feelings I turned those all of years ago , and stay in constant deployment mode. I find it funny though that those in todays society that preach and hide behind "Freedom of Speech " get so bent out of shape and mad over someone else's opinion .
  12. 2 military go tuff boxes packed RTG at all times , these have everything in them , all ammo and weapons and full kit ESAPI Vest
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