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  1. UPDATE The Ninth Circuit has blocked the District Court order that halted the Ammo Background Checks in California. The law is enforceable again, for now. AKA: The ammo run is over until further notice
  2. Heres something to take you down a Hole Project Stargate . Google that .
  3. Unless you want to remove your Penis and then you can do so at any age , Fine world we are living in .
  4. Buy , Buy Buy if you aren't counting your rounds in Thousands you should be .
  5. ??? https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/staff/ LOL a couple of those look like troll accounts ???
  6. So what's the problem ? 1) Let them deport you 2) Sell Home keep profit 3) Cross back over you no longer have to pay for Medicare, your Health care will be free . You will receive a monthly living allowance plus free cellphone and rent
  7. Jack Lucas would have told you the same , He didnt win crap , except a lifetime of shrapnel coming out of him
  8. WON? Was it a race ? as most that "earn or receive" the Medal Of Honor die doing so , many of those that Have been "Awarded " the Medal of Honor that I have known would never say they won a thing.
  9. Why is it noon /12:00 ? who came up with Tapioca to make pudding ?
  10. I could play Alpo so easy here Why 24 hours why 60 minute who set up the time with sun dials ? How do we know thats the true time ?
  11. we don’t steal we “ acquire tactically “
  12. And then the stripped lower I am building
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