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  1. That is just the first I pulled up fact is the voice transmitter is a 45 cent piece that you cant see and can be activated from miles away and set up like your cell phone To key on certain words . The fact that you pay extra knowing what you are installing is not the issue . How would you know if you had one in your home already You wouldnt I could slip one in without you knowing simple little backyard BBQ I know I know trust your LEO and Government to protect you Jan 6
  2. You taking it apart to find out on each one ? How would you know “trust the government “?
  3. And you would be wrong https://www.walmart.com/ip/WiFi-Bulb-Security-Camera-Wireless-Bulb-Fisheye-LED-Light-360-Panoramic-Remote-Cameras-Motion-Detection-iPhone-Android-Windows/945278494
  4. A little fun facts on why they want you to use LED bulbs , we used them in Iraq to gain intel we can now hide transmitters inside them to listen and video what goes on inside that room .
  5. I didnt miss anything , Your original post showed zero other than a bunch of Spam Just goes to show If you cant do the job you volunteered for leave . , its not all arresting people for not wearing a face diaper .
  6. Yeah But back the Blue heres more to that story CPD surveillance officers who reviewed the video you just watched radioed descriptions of the men and their car to patrol units. The car’s left headlight was out, cops were told. The back right window was broken, probably because the car was stolen and the thieves had to break the glass to get inside. A few minutes later, the holdup crew displayed at least one rifle to rob another woman in the 900 block of West Randolph in the West Loop. The robbers hit her in the face. They rolled up on another woman around the same time, near Lake and Elizabeth streets. A Chicago police sergeant spotted the robbers’ getaway car as they drove through the West Loop. He mentioned it on the radio but did not pursue it.
  7. The joke would be on them going to El Centro then do you know the transit barracks have Straw filled mattresses? The USA Air Force, the pampered princesses
  8. Well You still have us beat ; Well Happy Birthday Alpo ,
  9. I can tell you how big 3.2 Billion dollars looks inside a Blackhawk Helicopter
  10. Umm BLM , covid , Ukraine now the Palestine Its pretty easy
  11. Are you thinking of a Bouillabaisse ? Sauce Rouille: 1 tablespoon hot fish stock or clam broth 2 cloves garlic, peeled 1 small red hot pepper 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 cup soft white bread, pulled into bits 1/2 cup olive oil Bouillabaisse: 3 pounds of at least 3 different kinds of fish fillets (such as sea bass, red mullet, haddock, halibut, cod, conger, or red porgy), cut into 2-inch pieces 1 pound mussels or clams 1 pound squid or crab 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil 1 cup onions, thinly sliced 2 leeks, white and light green parts only, thinly sliced 1/4 fennel bulb, thinly sliced, or 1 teaspoon fennel seeds 2 cloves garlic, crushed 3 large tomatoes, roughly chopped 1 bay leaf 3 sprigs fresh thyme 1/2 teaspoon saffron threads 2 teaspoons salt 1 long, wide strip orange zest 1 cup clam juice or fish stock 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  12. Ever read his book War is a Racket ? https://kether.com/words/butler-smedley--war-is-a-racket-1.pdf Or the time He exposed and stopped Prescott Bush ( yes that Bush family ) and Others in a attempt to remove FDR as President and install a Fascist Government ? President Franklin Roosevelt’s experimental and drastic actions to combat the depression were very controversial. His overwhelming election in 1932, followed by three subsequent reelections, clearly demonstrated his extraordinary popularity with the average Americans. However, many wealthy and influential conservative leaders feared that Roosevelt was destroying the underpinnings of American democracy. According to General Butler’s sworn testimony, a group of influential, wealthy conservatives, outraged by the new deal, schemed to raise a group of 500,000 World War I veterans to march on Washington, DC. They planned to lay siege to the capital and force FDR to resign. The plan was to install General Butler as the new dictator of America. The plotters aimed to recruit men through the American Legion. The plotters allegedly promised $59 million (in 2022 money) to back the effort. They believed General Butler’s enormous popularity and sterling reputation provided gravitas to their scheme. Additionally, Butler had spoken out against the mistreatment of homeless veterans during the 1932 encampment known as the Bonus March on Washington. An article on the coup summarized Butler’s identification of the plotters: “the plan was supposedly dreamed up by prominent tycoons and Wall Street big shots who controlled many of the country’s major corporations like Chase Bank, Maxwell House, General Motors, Goodyear, Standard Oil, DuPont, and Heinz, as well as other noted Americans, including Prescott Bush, grandfather of former U.S. president George W. Bush.”
  13. As one of those that spend 8 years in Iraq / Afghanistan , I could care less about WHO sent it. The face of My soldiers knowing some one took the damn time out of crying that the blue hair heshe Starbucks clown didnt make their fairy unicorn juice just right. You dont want to don't I dont care, as it just goes to say America is never at war. The Marines. Army, Navy , Air Force , Coast Guard and now Space Force are at was America is at the Mall. The Girl Scouts sent Connex's of unsold Cookies to Iraq when I was there does that mean I became a Girl Scout ?
  14. No they have special bags they use (or did at one time) its a blue camo pattern . So really they handle it all .
  15. Thats a easy one we just did our explosives renewal No you would have to a Permit/license You cant even have DET cord or a blasting cap anymore without it implementation of the Safe Explosives Act (SEA).11 The SEA was enacted in November 2002 to enhance public safety by expanding the ATF’s licensing authority to include the intrastate manufacture, purchase, and use of explosives; by expanding the categories of “prohibited persons” to be denied access to explosives; by requiring background checks on all individuals who have access to explosives; and by mandating triennial inspections of licensees’ manufacturing and storage facilities.
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