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  1. Not the Fun town it once was too many Casino and Sturgis rally BS . Adams Museum is cool at times( Wild Bills guns there arent his ) but keep in mind many things of Deadwood are pure storytelling , The deadmans hand , the death chair in #10 that had a bullet shot in it at city dump and splattered with red paint (all for show ) I am a Descendant of Marshall JH Burdick (The man that hung Jack McCall )we have been here well since Dakota territory had our own township and County Fort Meade in Sturgis is old 7th cav post , Belle Fourche had bank that still stands robbed By Butch Cassidy Nearby Buffalo and Sheridan WY, is Cool spent a couple summers working cattle in Kaycee hole in that wall area Tom Horn , Butch and Johnson County war at the old TA ranch of Course a couple more that others named Spent several years in NM growing up so Lincoln County and Billy the Kid I never made it to Tombstone still would like that,
  2. Hate this day , For Me and kids never a "Happy " new year just a Day we Lost my wife and great mother for our kids To Cancer . Still say It was suppose to me never her
  3. Wont hear any arguments from Me on that one., I could tell you where covid exactly started and that why patents on it years ago , But most wont believe it because it wasnt told to them on CNN. But just a hint how did we know it came from bats right from the start ??? I do dearly love those that say "I am perfectly healthy and caught it ect, No diue you are not "Perfectly heathy " you are classified as obese and 40 plus pounds overweight LOL , thats not healthy .
  4. I wonder how many get the true meaning of that ? https://www.army.mil/article/92856/the_story_of_the_nuts_reply
  5. My only to fears in Life that after I die I vote Dumbocrat and buy a EV .
  6. Merry Christmas and thanks for the offer but rather have my drink in a glass .
  7. Well having to deal with several different Cultures that seem to never lose that Asian , Native talk accent must be centuries
  8. No I don't succeed anymore, because I gave the hell up, tired of being the only one that gave a crap and doing all the work. Same goes for Holidays .
  9. Hope your friends feel better from the flu , Covid-19 been around since 2016 First Patent was filed in 2016 WO2016/118725 Moderna January 21, 2016 Published Lipids/NP + mRNA
  10. Are you sure its Santa and not just our Military with the finger on a nuke switch fresh from the underground Bar ? The email arrived in the middle of a workday: Are you thirsty? What followed was an afternoon drink at the “John Wayne Saloon,” an invitation-only tavern operating unknown to senior commanders inside the headquarters of the U.S military command center critical to defending the homeland and keeping Americans safe. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2023/11/29/norad-secret-bar-investigation/71743151007/
  11. Here I was thinking it would be this one as it just happened
  12. Well look on the Bright side, you at least have people to call , Mine never rings unless its a scammer . guess the cell reception in Cemetery isn't great . I truly hate this time of year. If it wasnt for kids i would just skip it.
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