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  1. What is the inseam on the pants?
  2. Yes I think they do. But I haven't heard of a problem of failures with it. Last ones I saw was right at $200 price range.
  3. Its' more about the killing of American factories by allowing cheap foreign junkets into the country. NAFTA was the start of our politicians killing industry in the US and it hasn't stopped since. Trump was and is the only one that was trying to level the playing field.
  4. Nice been wanting one myself. Thinking I'll just shorten my 8" down to about 4, 4.5" and call it good.
  5. For a low cost good HD shotgun if you are considering pumps, is the Mossberg Maverick. You can get the 8 shot version. has the safety under the trigger guard instead of on the back of the rcvr. And Mossberg's are good shotties.
  6. The only semi I used for HD was a 100 with 2 shot extension and 18" barrel. Should have kept it. As far as pumps go I have 2 Mossy 500's with 18-19" barrels that I like. I think as easy as they are to operate, that a woman could use them.
  7. If it isn't in the chamber its not loaded. So if its hammerless its cocked.
  8. No there isn't a issue with keeping a round in the chamber. Well IMO keeping the shotgun uncocked for HD is about as smart as carrying a 1911 without being cocked and locked for concealed carry. When crap hits the fan don't want to be trying to chamber rounds. Unloaded guns are for the safe.
  9. Yes I would like to get some to replace my NM Vaquero's. They look like they would feel better than the 1858's I like allot.
  10. Yep have it and hearing loss. The voices never stop, humming ringing. Only time it seems to subside is when I put on some kind of sleep noise, white, crickets thunder, rain. That lets my mind focus on those sounds and not the tinnitus.
  11. That's weird just looked, they show in stock for me. But can't really see the pic good may not be the gated one I'm looking at. Hope you find one . Like mine on my Pietta 1858.
  12. Going to have to try the 2 clear coats afterwards.
  13. Try being a admin on a Facebook for sale page if you think a gun forum is bad.
  14. Those give you the appearance of authentic used cowboy guns.
  15. I use plain old water to clean up after shooting APP loaded cartridges. Afterwards I dry everything up and use a oily rag to wipe everything down and then run a patch threw the barrel.
  16. Congrats I long for my retirement to get here before I'm to broke down to enjoy it.
  17. So you just let a scammer skate then so more members can get taken. Doesn't sound liek the cowboy way to me.
  18. The other mod must not of had a sense of humor. But then again most mods don't. Being a admin mod on a facebook sell page I just don't let the stupid bother me. But I'm also not cryptic with answers. If you don't have a sense of humor no sense being a mod.
  19. Excellent repair job and very fine looking shotgun. GLWS
  20. Sweet I love the accents on the cart, wish I was in Texas.
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