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  1. How do they get the bones to rot down quickly?
  2. This was the surfboard that so many Aussie kids caught their first wave on at the beach back in the day -
  3. Cheers and beers one and all....hope you all had a wonderful NYE....but more importantly let's have a safe and healthy 2023.
  4. Just coming up to 9 hours from 2023 down here..... wishing one and all a Safe, Prosperous and Healthy New Year....you're a great crew.
  5. Bacon & egg roll for late breakfast and fish & chips for lunch and burger with the lot for dinner.....to soak up the NYE alcohol.
  6. Cassette tapes had a side A and a side B so it is only logical that their successor would be a CD.
  7. How do you spot a blind man at a nudist beach? It's not hard.
  8. Five 20 Round M1 Carbine Magazines (WW2 Era) https://www.gunsamerica.com/926437140/Five-20-Round-M1-Carbine-Magazines-WW2-Er.htm
  9. Original Rare WWII 10 Round Magazine for M1 Carbine Rifle https://www.ebay.com/itm/255872392719?hash=item3b932ede0f:g:Fc8AAOSwPARjlPHW
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