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  1. I had a S&W Highway Patrolman that had 2 barrel rings, you could feel them running your fingers on the outside of the barrel. Can you feel any bulges if you run your fingers along the barrel?
  2. Bought a LOT of stuff off Temu.
  3. Yep.....thought the same. He's probably going to be using a walking frame.
  4. Mooning the Ghan is more than tradition, It's within the fabric of our culture.
  5. Great initiative of Yul's, be great to see some more families.
  6. How would you eat with this body modification?
  7. Back in the day when ice cream was a health food!!!
  8. Digger An Australian soldier. The term was applied during the First World War to Australian and New Zealand soldiers because so much of their time was spent digging trenches. An earlier Australian sense of digger was ‘a miner digging for gold ’. Billy Hughes, prime minister during the First World War, was known as the Little Digger. First recorded in this sense 1916. 1918 Aussie: 2015 Daily Telegraph (Sydney) 26 January: Australia's special-forces troops .. dominate the military division of the 2015 Australia Day Honours. They include a major who planned an 'unprecedented operation' to capture a rogue Afghan sergeant who murdered three Australian diggers. Image: Australian soldiers in trenches at Gallipoli, 1915
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