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  1. Yep......we celebrate Valentines Day
  2. That date as Wallaby deduced was the introduction of decimal currency in Australia.
  3. Excellent deduction... I feel like a boofhead now.
  4. A Wombat eats, roots and leaves.
  5. Not sure but this must date from 40' or 50's
  6. @Texas Maverick <Newbie Question> Is there a big difference between fresh jalapenos and the sliced ones in liquid in a jar?
  7. Elvis Presley's Smith & Wesson revolver sells for an eye-watering $200,000 at auction after bidding war breaks out https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-12456255/Elvis-Presleys-Smith-Wesson-revolver-sells-eye-watering-200-000-auction-bidding-war-breaks-out.html
  8. Wishing your Mum all the very very best for a speedy recovery.
  9. Aussies In Vietnam: The Battle at Binh Ba - 1969
  10. Nearly every Stoeger I see have split wood around where the butt joins the metal.
  11. So ...... if they're ever hostages in some terror situation they don't want the SEALS to come and rescue them????
  12. Brother Red are you reading this???
  13. Rabbits are open season 24/7 365 days a year......Dingoes come under a Protection Act (not sure of all States) but landholders can apply to shoot problematic sheep killing ones. Dingoes interbreed easily with cattle farm working dogs, so theirs a lot of mixed breed wild feral dogs with Dingo blood in them also.
  14. He cooked it all day Saturday and pulled it apart with 'bear claws' (?) and warmed it up on the BBQ plate on the Sunday for us (it was a massive whole weeked job for him and the way he did it worked and he got to shoot as well) rolled up on mini soft taco shells(?) either by itself or with a really nice home made coleslaw. It was great seeing everyone's faces as they bit into their food and lining up again and again. He's keen for us to experience more varieties of BBQ....he mentioned brisket next time. Can't believe cornbread isn't a thing down here in Oz and 'BBQ' down here means T bones, rump, cattlemans cutlets and the like cooked on a BBQ....this pulled meat is the biz!!!!!!
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