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  1. Good luck with it all Mike, hope you're feelin' a helluva' lot better soon mate.
  2. My wife and daughter in laws used these "last cartridge pushers" that I made for them for the first time at a match on Sunday....they reckon that there the best thing "ever"
  3. The ones on the back of comics that allowed you to see through girls clothing .....Xray Specs
  4. Taking a .45-70 for buffalo out the window (oh that was the plains well then bear but not this bear )
  5. Interesting....had to Google a good read up on those - https://interestingengineering.com/the-era-of-the-shoe-fitting-fluoroscope-and-the-radiation-it-caused
  6. Anyone ever use a Native American bow (alike ie same materials) ? How much power did it have?
  7. Pards....consider yourselves lucky
  8. I can say one thing.....I REALLY struggle sometimes with opening up plastic blister packed item.......I sometimes feel like going postal and stabbing the **&^&@$^ out of them!!!!
  9. Yes, stumbled over the odd riding boots.
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