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  1. How would you eat with this body modification?
  2. Back in the day when ice cream was a health food!!!
  3. Digger An Australian soldier. The term was applied during the First World War to Australian and New Zealand soldiers because so much of their time was spent digging trenches. An earlier Australian sense of digger was ‘a miner digging for gold ’. Billy Hughes, prime minister during the First World War, was known as the Little Digger. First recorded in this sense 1916. 1918 Aussie: 2015 Daily Telegraph (Sydney) 26 January: Australia's special-forces troops .. dominate the military division of the 2015 Australia Day Honours. They include a major who planned an 'unprecedented operation' to capture a rogue Afghan sergeant who murdered three Australian diggers. Image: Australian soldiers in trenches at Gallipoli, 1915
  4. Some of you need this just sayin...........
  5. We still had these uncomfortable seats (with ink wells) in my primary school.
  6. These are the most common Brazos - https://www.taste.com.au/recipes/bread-butter-pudding-7/9d7ab7b6-95ba-4fc4-ac3d-5500c882480b https://www.recipetineats.com/bread-and-butter-pudding/ We had this for dessert so often when I was a kid (everyone did) and going to other folks homes there were always slight variances but they all tasted good Our Grandkids always ask my wife to make it for them.
  7. Old family classic Bread and butter pudding yummy
  8. Thanks pards one and all for the suggestions, but the boss was having none of that "Please can I have exactly what I had before" ....... Turned down the insert shank to a thou oversize - Test fitting for a friction fit - Parted off - Had to hand file off the nub that I always get from parting off, the piece being so tiny was a problem to hold so I used some masking tape and to get it in place and then sandwiched between some wood offcuts and after filing gave it a polish - Looking good - Used some Loctite 638 Retaining Compound, along with the friction fit I hope that it stays in place. At least if it doesn't I know I can make another one now......and back on the barrel -
  9. Nothing for a lever SG for a pump SG just need to be a farmer and apply. Stupid thing is anyone can buy the new Adler (and the like) SGs and they are wayyy faster than a clunky pump... But not legal for SASS.
  10. Still better than the Fix Or Repair Daily
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eyre_Highway
  12. My wife lost the brass bead off the front of her Uberti '73 I've got the sight off and the drill hole for the part of the brass that inserts is only 1.5mm. Going to try and turn one on my lathe and insert it with some retaining compound. Any hints from anyone who's done this before?
  13. Unfortunately yes, we've got an '87 that myself and the boys use for fun sometimes in a match. But I can't say I'm overly fond of it.
  14. Thank you very much Yul, that looks fantastic mate!!!!
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